How Sainz expects to 'stand out' to secure his 2025 seat

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Sainz comments on the current profile of f1 drivers
19 June at 19:00
  • Sophia Crothall

Carlos Sainz will be leaving Ferrari at the end of 2024. Although he has said he is speaking to all teams with available seats, he is yet to confirm which team he will be moving to for next season. With only a total of 20 seats on the grid, its competitive. Nevertheless, the Spaniard knows what he needs to do to secure one. 

Sainz will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari next season. As of now, the seats at the other two top teams, Red Bull Racing and McLaren, are full. Although a seat is available at Mercedes, it seems Wolff is not interested in Sainz, unlike Williams who have made it clear he is their priority. Therefore, Sainz needs to demonstrate his talent to secure his seat. 

Speaking on the Nude Project podcast, Sainz was asked how he would define his style as a driver, to which he replied: "That's a question I never answer. Because now I come out here, 'man, well look, I'm an aggressive guy, a guy who overtakes well or that I defend myself well,' I look arrogant, man. If you want to know my qualities, ask the people who have worked with me and they will tell you what they think my qualities are as a driver."

How Sainz expects to stand out

With potentially more seats than drivers available, given teams are also interested in F2 drivers such as Oliver Bearman or Andrea Kimi Antonelli, the competition is high. For Sainz, he believes you need to have all the desired qualities to stand out and to secure your seat. "There are more aggressive drivers, there are more intelligent drivers, there are crazier drivers, they take more risks, less risks. I would tell you that there are fewer and fewer differences, we are all more complete, and either you are complete today in F1 and you are aggressive when you have to be, smart when you have to be, fast when you have to be or it is impossible to stand out," he said. 

"You have to have all the qualities today. In F1 there are so few of us, but you have to be a certain profile to be able to stand out and, either you have all those qualities or you don't stand out," the Spaniard concluded.