Sainz reveals this reason for Ferrari's success: 'It still works'

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Sainz reveals the relationship between him, Leclerc and Ferrari
18 June at 19:00
  • Sophia Crothall

Carlos Sainz will be departing Ferrari at the end of the season. The Spaniard has raced alongside Charles Leclerc since 2021 when he left McLaren to join the Italian team. Speaking on the Spanish TV show, El Hormiguero, Sainz shared the truth behind the relationship between him and his teammate, as well as how the team has treated him. 

Sainz will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton for 2025. He previously explained on the show how the Mercedes driver expressed an interest in joining the team, and so they needed to find a way to make room for the seven-time world champion. With Leclerc having already extended his contract, this left Sainz without a seat. Asked whether him and his teammate have always received equal treatment at the team, Sainz revealed: "Yes, at all times. I cannot complain about the treatment I have received at Ferrari. There are always moments of tension in all the teams, because you always think: 'here they could have given me more of a hand'. Just like Charles [Leclerc] or at Ferrari they will think that at some point I could have behaved a little better. But it's high competition, you turn the page and you forget it." 

'We make a very good team'

Sainz has had a number of teammates since he joined Formula One including Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly, Nico Hulkenberg and Lando Norris. Although his current teammate was favoured over him to stay with Ferrari, that hasn't altered the relationship between the pair. "The truth is that, my teammate and I are friends off the track," he said. "We get along very well and we have a very good relationship and we make a very good team."

This season, both Sainz and Leclerc have won a race, with Sainz winning in Melbourne, and Leclerc at home in Monaco. Both of their frequent top 10 finishes have  secured Ferrari the current second spot in the Constructors behind Red Bull Racing. 49 points separate the two teams. For Sainz, it is this friendship that has led them to be successful: "I think that if there is something that worked and [still] works at Ferrari, it was the two drivers who get along very well. We win races, we get podiums and on top of that we work as a team," he concluded.