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Pirelli announces tyre choice for Spain GP

Pirelli announce tyre choice for Spanish GP: What's the best strategy?

18 June at 19:15
  • Nicole Mulder

Pirelli have announced which tyre compounds Formula 1 teams can choose from during the Grand Prix weekend in Spain. The tyre supplier have chosen the three hardest compounds.

Pirelli reveal best strategy for Spain GP

Pirelli call the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya "one of the most technically demanding circuits for the cars and for the tyres". It is therefore no surprise that Pirelli have once again chosen the three hardest compounds - C1, C2 and C3, the same compounds that were chosen for the opening race in Bahrain.

This year's race takes place three weeks later than in 2023, which means it could be warmer than during the previous edition. This could make the C3 tyre less attractive, whereas last year it was competitive during the race. Currently, however, it does not seem to get particularly hot during the Spanish GP.

In terms of strategy, a two-stroke should be the quickest option according to Pirelli, with all compounds possibly being considered. "If degradation is higher, then even a three-stop might be feasible, especially as last year’s race proved that overtaking is easier than in the past," the tyre supplier explained.

"Another consideration at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit is the importance of qualifying. In no fewer than 24 races here, the pole sitter has gone on to be first past the chequered flag and adding to the importance of this statistic is that on four other occasions the driver who was quickest in qualifying retired from the race."

Source: Pirelli