Horner looks wide-eyed towards new regulations: 'Biggest change in 40 years'

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Horner says 2026 rules are biggest changes in 40 years F1
15 June at 15:00
Last update 15 June at 15:20
  • Cas van de Kleut

Formula 1 is going to get a major rulebook change in 2026. Before the Canadian Grand Prix, the FIA presented plans for the new rules. Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner believes the new regulations could affect the championship even before they are introduced at all.

At first, the FIA planned to change only the engine regulations. After all, another completely new car was introduced in 2022. Yet the federation eventually decided to change more things. For instance, the DRS will disappear and be replaced by active aerodynamics. Also, the cars will become a bit smaller.

Horner on big changes in F1

Horner speaks to Sky Sports of massive changes: "It's massive. The biggest change F1 has had in 40 years. Engine and chassis regs are being torn up and replaced by something new. The FIA have been working and listening to other teams. The final regs aren't rubber-stamped yet, but those are the principles."

Horner thinks the rules could have an impact even before 2026 starts: "It will be interesting for teams to adapt to them. I don't think it will slip a year. There's been enough talk. it's the same for everyone. All focus will be on the 2026 car, it could have a factor on the 2025 championship as well."

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy