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sainz snaps back at reporter about his 2025 season

Sainz snaps back at reporter about 2025: "I didn't say that"

15 June at 14:00
Last update 15 June at 14:16

Nobody knows where Carlos Sainz will drive in 2025. The Ferrari driver will be moving on from the Scuderia when Lewis Hamilton makes the unbelievable move from Mercedes, and options are running out for the Spaniard. Sainz's name was linked with Red Bull, but Sergio Perez signed a contract extension, and rumours that he may be moving to Mercedes have also died down. At the Canadian Grand Prix, Sainz was asked whether he may be sacrificing his 2025 by moving to a less competitive team, but the Spaniard disagrees completely.

Sainz says '2025 is equally important as 2026'

"No, I didn't say that, and I don't say that," Sainz retorted. "For me, 2025 is equally important than 2026. Why? Because I think 2026 is open. So I could go somewhere, and any of the options that I have on the board, whether I'm successful or not, is impossible to find out how successful they will be."

With the options of Red Bull and Mercedes no longer available for Sainz, his 2025 options are limited. Audi seemed to be where the Spaniard was set to move to, with the German team offering a lucrative contract. However, like the Mercedes rumours, they have died down, and now Sainz's name has been linked to Williams. He has been in talks with James Vowles and the British team, and it is reported that he has been impressed with Vowles' leadership, even if they may not be extremely competitive in 2025.

But Sainz believes that the 2025 season will be very unpredictable: "I think 2026 is almost impossible to predict who's going to win. But 2025 is almost more. And can you more or less know and predict where they're going to be? I'm not for sure. It's going to be important in my decision. It's not like I'm going to hold out on 2025. 2025 is equally important."