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Alex Rossi upset about super license change for Antonelli but not Herta

Disappointment in IndyCar: 'So exceptions can happen for Antonelli...'

15 June at 17:00
Last update 15 June at 17:16

It has been announced by the FIA yesterday: once you someone 17-years-old, the FIA could give them a super license. A rule likely made for the Prema and Mercedes youngster Andrea Kimi Antonelli. However, not everyone is satisfied with this decision, but for a different reason. Former Formula One driver Alexander Rossi voiced his opinion X (formerly known as Twitter).

With this new rule change, the FIA could make an exception and give Andrea Kimi Antonelli, (or other candidates such as Arvid Lindblad) a super license, even though he has not turned 18-years-old yet. Originally, Max Verstappen's debut with Toro Rosso, a rule was introduced that no underage drivers could obtain a super license.

"At the sole discretion of the FIA, a driver judged to have recently and consistently demonstrated outstanding ability and maturity in single-seater formula car competition may be granted a Super Licence at the age of 17 years old," the rule now declares.

Why is Rossi upset?

The former Manor driver and current Arrow McLaren driver in IndyCar is not mad at Antonelli of course, but the FIA. "Oh so exceptions can be made? Huh," Rossi wrote on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account, reacting to a post about the newly introduced exception.

Rossi's problem is that in 2022, Colton Herta, Rossi's former teammate, was denied of a F1 Super License as he competed and still competes in IndyCar.