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McLaren drivers look more consistent than competition

Norris takes the crown with striking statistic against Verstappen

14 June at 15:30
Last update 14 June at 15:59
  • Jeroen Immink

McLaren driver Lando Norris is having a rock-solid season. The Briton, already in his sixth Formula 1 season, looks very consistent and mature. Indeed, there is a statistic that shows Norris has done better than anyone else in one area.

Partly due to Ferrari's dramatic double DNF in Canada, Norris and Piastri are the only remaining drivers who managed to finish every race, this season. Both men have not yet crashed out in the first nine races. Norris adds to that impressive statistic. The Englishman was the only driver to pick up points every race in 2024.

For McLaren, this is yet another boost in the upward trend that started last year. At the beginning of 2023, the car sometimes did not even get through Q1, but now both Norris and Piastri, are structurally competing for the podium. The absolute highlight was in Miami, where Norris managed to win the race on pure speed. Currently, McLaren is still in the race with Red Bull and Ferrari for the Constructors' title.