Verstappen hopes for improvement: 'We need a trouble-free weekend'

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Max Verstappen on his expectations for Barcelona 2024
14 June at 11:00
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

The past Grand Prix weekends have not been the smoothest for Red Bull Racing. The team faced several problems, and on top of that, the competition has improved a lot in the last few Grands Prix. Max Verstappen is hoping for a better weekend in Barcelona.

Winning races is no longer as obvious for the Red Bull Racing team as it was in recent years. The Austrian racing stable has been running into several problems in recent weekends. Despite these problems, though, Max Verstappen has consistently still won races.

Verstappen hopes for trouble-free Barcelona

The Dutchman is hoping for a better car for the next Grand Prix. "The last few races have been quite difficult, but not only just difficult, too many problems as well throughout the whole weekend. So we need to have a cleaner weekend."

At least the Red Bull team knows where the RB20's weaknesses are. It is now just an option to fix the problems. "Even in the race now, we're struggling a lot with the kerbing and the bumps. So we definitely have an area where we can work on and definitely improve the car by quite a big margin if we get that under control," Verstappen said.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy