Horner 'stands with the FIA' on the new 2026 regulations

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christian horner stands with the fia on the new 2026 regulations
14 June at 09:30
Last update 14 June at 09:39

The new 2026 regulations that will grace the world of F1 have caused division throughout the paddock. Drivers and team principals have varied opinions in their interviews on whether the newly designed cars will improve the sport after the new regulations were announced just before the Canadian Grand Prix. After acing the last regulation change, are Red Bull Racing happy with the moves from the FIA? Christian Horner gave his opinion after the Grand Prix in Montreal, and it was a positive one.

Since the last regulation change between the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Red Bull have dominated F1. Max Verstappen was unopposed in his World Championship wins in 2022 and 2023 with his rapid Red Bull, with the 2023 season being one of the most dominant the sport has seen, breaking many records along the way to his third world title.

However, in 2024, the gap between Red Bull and the other teams at the front has shrunk. McLaren have challenged the Austrian team at every Grand Prix since Lando Norris' victory in Miami, the upgraded Ferrari was unstoppable in Monaco, and Mercedes looked to have found some again after the Canadian Grand Prix.

Horner "trusts" the FIA with the '26 regulations

Many in the paddock worry that these new regulations will cause another divide like we saw in 2022 with Red Bull's domination, and some don't see the regulations working effectively when they come into play. But Horner is staying positive and believes in the FIA and their 2026 regulations.

"There's always one that doesn't want to change anything," said the Red Bull boss. "But I stand for the FIA. As I say, it's never too late. They have all the knowledge and all the simulations. So, I think you've got to look at what's best for Formula 1 at the end of the day and what will produce the best racing. So trust in them and FOM to make the right calls. But whether that's required or not, I think they've got all the knowledge to know."

Red Bull may have the most to lose from these regulation changes, especially since they have dominated the top step of the podium in the latest regulation change. But Horner continued to back the new changes, saying, "I think it's the same for everybody. There's going to be compromises. I think the most important thing is that there's enough freedom for there to be a difference between the cars so they don't all look identical.

"We have a budget cap, and the engineering creativity is there so that it doesn't just become a battery-fuel formula, it becomes a chassis-engine combination. And if you don't have the best engine, maybe you can compensate a bit on the chassis and vice versa. So I think it's finding that balance, and I think, hopefully, the recommendations that will come back will be sensible," concluded the Brit.