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berger thinks verstappen will go to mercedes if newey goes there

'If Newey goes to Mercedes, Verstappen goes with him'

13 June at 12:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

For 2025, the choice has been made: Max Verstappen will also drive for Red Bull Racing next season, GPBlog reported recently. But what happens after that? Nobody knows, although there is plenty of speculation. Gerhard Berger, former F1 driver, likes to join in. He is not convinced that the reigning world champion will serve out his contract with the Austrian racing team, which runs until the end of 2028.

Speaking to Bild, Berger stated that Verstappen is currently keeping a close eye on how Red Bull will fare when soon Adrian Newey has left and possibly Helmut Marko will also leave the racing stable. "Red Bull is the best choice at the moment, but Max will make the rock-solid decision to go if there is a better option. At least if the opportunity arises. If he has concluded that the car is starting to show weaknesses and there are better opportunities elsewhere, he will take that opportunity. It's all about performance with him."

Verstappen was earlier emphatically linked with Mercedes, which is keen to see him as Lewis Hamilton's successor. According to Berger, that team is currently not good enough to attract Verstappen's interest, no matter how much team boss Toto Wolff tries his best. "At the moment - I emphasise 'at the moment' - I don't see it happening (going to Mercedes)," he said.

Verstappen and Newey together to Mercedes?

Mercedes' W15 is not consistent enough to compete for prizes, although there was a podium finish for George Russell in Canada. Adrian Newey - the technical boss who is leaving Red Bull - is the perfect man to give Mercedes that last seat back to the top, according to Berger. " If Newey decides to go to Mercedes, Verstappen will go straight with him," the Austrian is convinced.