Hill: 'Victory is down to the brilliance of Verstappen'

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Damon Hill on Max Verstappen's performance in Canada 2024
12 June at 19:00
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

Although Red Bull Racing did not seem to have the fastest car in Canada, Max Verstappen still won the Grand Prix. According to former Formula 1 driver Damon Hill, this was all due to the skills and abilities of the Dutchman.

All weekend in Canada, Verstappen's Red Bull already seemed to be struggling with several problems. Then the changing weather conditions did not exactly help that weekend either. Nevertheless, the Dutchman eventually managed to qualify in second place and even win the race.

Hill impressed by Verstappen

Damon Hill had nothing but good words to say for Verstappen in the Sky Sports podcast after the Grand Prix. "You have to say that it's now probably a good couple of races this year where the win for Red Bull has come down to Max's brilliance and his ability to keep calm under pressure."

The one-time world champion expressed his admiration for the composure the Dutchman kept despite all the problems. "I was very impressed with the way he didn't get freaked out when he didn't get the jump at the start. He slotted in, he seemed to be biding his time. Even though he's complaining about problems with the car, he can't touch the kerbs, and he always sounds on the radio to be pretty relaxed - the only time he doesn't sound relaxed is when he's annoyed about something or someone, so he vents his fury."

"Otherwise, he's able to drive at the top of the game of Formula 1 and still think clearly and strategise and take his opportunities. He got an opportunity and he held onto it. He didn't drop the ball or anything like that, and you have to say that he's just very, very good," Hill said.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy