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Frederic Vasseur on championship chances after all

Vasseur does not feel defeated: 'We have a championship ahead of us'

12 June at 16:00
Last update 12 June at 16:00
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

After an incredibly strong weekend in Monaco for Ferrari, Canada was a weekend to quickly forget for the team. Despite these mixed results, the boss, Frederic Vasseur, is still very confident in Ferrari. He said after the Canadian Grand Prix that they still have a championship ahead of them.

In Monaco, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc still managed to take the Grand Prix victory. His teammate Carlos Sainz finished third. The Scuderia's car was suddenly a lot slower in Canada. During qualifying, both drivers failed to make it into Q3. In the end, due to various circumstances, both men were also unable to finish the race.

Ferrari not yet giving up the championship

For a while in Canada, it seemed there could be a four-way battle between Red Bull Racing, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes. It was only Ferrari's team that lacked speed. Still, Vasseur was optimistic after the Grand Prix. "Nothing changed compared to last week. Last week it was a tough weekend for Red Bull. And this weekend it's a tough weekend for us. There are three or four [cars] in one-tenth or something like this. It means that we will have tough weekends," the Frenchman said looking ahead to Barcelona.

"We have to keep in mind that we still have 15 or 16 races to go. It's almost the season of 2018, 2017. We are doing 15, or 16 races a year. It means that we still have a championship in front of us. For sure, we will have a tough weekend. We will have a good weekend. The most important is to keep the same approach. To continue to develop, to continue to fix the issues. Not to be pinned down into the motivation or the approach that...we are not world champions after a good weekend. And we are not nowhere after a tough weekend. We will be back in Spain and back on the pace." So the season is still long, and the most important thing is a consistent approach, Vasseur said.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy