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Red Bull Ring adjusts circuit after track limits debacle

Red Bull Ring wants to avoid repeat track limits debacle and modifies circuit

30 May at 15:00
Last update 30 May at 15:13
  • Nicole Mulder

The 2023 Austrian Grand Prix was all about track limits. Due to a record number of track limit violations, calculations had to be made for hours before the final result of the Formula 1 race was announced. The Red Bull Ring has made necessary adjustments to the track in order to avoid the debacle again this year.

Red Bull Ring adjusts circuit after track limits debacle

During last year's Austrian GP, as many as 100 track limit violations were confirmed by the stewards, but it later turned out to be over 1,200. As a result, the race result was announced five hours after the finish by the FIA, who were busy calculating the many penalties handed out. 14 of the 20 drivers changed positions due to the penalties afterwards.

The Red Bull Ring is keen to avoid a repeat of that scenario at the next edition of the F1 race, which takes place on Sunday, June 30. Adjusting the track is not as easy as it seems, as MotoGP also races at the circuit and has different needs to F1. A solution has now been found for both racing classes, track director Ernst Wolf tells

The solution was made in consultation with the FOM (Formula One Management) and the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). A temporary strip of gravel will be laid at corners 9 and 10. It will be removed again before MotoGP travels to the circuit in August. A necessary change to "remain one of the best circuits in the world," says the track director.