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Jos says Max works hard:

Verstappen works hard according to father: 'It's all about the details'

29 May at 11:00
Last update 29 May at 11:00
  • Renate van Holst

Jos and Max Verstappen have been through a lot together. So the father can proudly watch his son go for his fourth world title this season. In an interview with Verstappen.com, the former driver talks about how his son keeps winning.

Father and son on the track together

"Every weekend you have to be 100% there. Everything has to be right, from being fit yourself to working with your engineer. It's all about the details," Jos Verstappen told Verstappen.com. Verstappen's son Max has already managed five wins out of eight races this season. According to Jos, he doesn't do this lightly. "I don't think everyone fully realises what Max has to do to get to those achievements. Something like that doesn't come easily," Jos says. "What Max has shown in 2023 is really quite unique. I think that should also be really appreciated."

The Verstappens had started racing early, in this Max has also made a great growth curve according to his father. Whether Max can get even better, Jos finds it hard to answer. "I don't know. I think at 21, Max was already ready to be a world champion. How good are you then?"

Moreover, Jos agrees that Max is also very relaxed off the track. "Max is a very sweet boy, but as soon as he puts on his helmet, he turns into a lion," Jos says. "Then he is incredibly driven and only one thing counts: winning. That has always been there with Max."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall. 

Jos used to worry about his son's laid-back approach. "When Max was still karting, I worried about that, whether he would be keen enough. But that's his way of preparing, so not being too preoccupied with other things. 'We'll see,' Max says then."