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Wolff says Mercedes will bring upgrades to these weekends

Wolff says Mercedes will bring upgrades to these Grands Prix

29 May at 07:30

Mercedes finished another Grand Prix weekend where two teams were clearly ahead of them, Ferrari and McLaren, while Red Bull a driver, for the first time only in 2024 when Max Verstappen did finish a race, did not step on the podium. Toto Wolff is constatly asked about upgrades that are expected from Mercedes, given their status since 2014. The Austrian shared the latest news on the German team's plans.

Mercedes are currently fourth in the Constructors' Standings, and their drivers, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished in P5 and P7 respectively at the Monaco Grand Prix. Given how Ferrari and McLaren have been catching up to Red Bull over the last few weekends in F1, Mercedes are also expected to make a move.

"I don't think that [the next upgrade] is large enough to cover feet and head at that stage. But we're getting there. And Montreal, again, is a little bit of an outlier of the track. We're going to add something. And we're going to add something for Barcelona. So just trying to chip away."

Wolff also added that they are determined to get the maximum out of the upgrades. "I think you've got to bring the development into the factory and provide the race engineers with tools so they can actually translate that into performance. So lots of massive effort in the factory to design these bits, draw them, and produce them. And the factory runs 100%," the Austrian explained the correlation between testing on track and designing for the future.