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Clarkson has a hot take on Perez's crash in the Monaco Grand Prix

Jeremy Clarkson posts a hot take on Perez's crash at the Monaco GP

26 May at 20:16

Jeremy Clarkson has posted a hot take on the crash between Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen in the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. The former Top Gear presenter believes the Haas driver wasn't at fault for the crash, which goes against many views within the paddock.

On the opening lap of the race, Magnussen touched Perez, who then spun across the track. Magnussen's teammate Nico Hulkenberg also was involved in the incident, taking the American team out of the race entirely. Perez's RB20 was completely wrecked in the crash, but all drivers were fine. 

Clarkson's opinion

Clarkson is making tweeting about the Monaco Grand Prix an annual event. Last year, he promised everyone who worked for Alpine a pint of his Hawkstone beer if Esteban Ocon finished on the podium. The Frenchman did just that in 2023, so Clarkson delivered the beer. No such promises in 2024, but a hot take. 

"That wasn’t K Mag’s fault, in my opinion. OK. It definitely wasn’t K Mag’s fault. Even Jenson [Button] now agrees," Clarkson posted on X. A fan even asked him if he would say the same if it was Lewis Hamilton instead of Perez. Clarkson claimed he would say the same thing.

That wasn't Clarkson's final post of the day. The Brit may have made a little snide dig at the current status within F1 and Monaco about tyre saving. "I got 40,000 miles out of my last set of tyres. I could win a Grand Prix at that rate," Clarkson added.

Clarkson is a major fan of Formula 1 and sometimes visits races. He was last present at the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix, where he waved the chequered flag and met up with his old friend Adrian Newey on the grid.