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Magnussen blames Perez for Monaco GP crash

Magnussen unaware of any wrongdoing: 'Don't see how this can be my fault'

26 May at 15:35
  • Nicole Mulder

Kevin Magnussen is unaware of any wrongdoing after the crash between him, Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg, where Perez's RB20 in particular came out badly battered. The race organisers dismissed it as a racing incident and the Haas driver would not know what else he should have done either.

Magnussen blames Perez

"I was getting up alongside Perez. Right when my wheel was in front of his wheel, we got too close to the wall. From my point of view, he just didn't leave me any space to the wall. So inevitably we make contact and have a crash. But I guess he didn't see me. But the rules are you have to leave space. And he didn't," Magnussen observes at Viaplay.

Asked what he himself could have done differently, he replies, "Now I wish I would have just braked. But if you hit the brakes, then there are people behind you as well. You've got to trust that whoever you're racing, it's not going to squeeze you into the wall, which I did. I trusted that he wasn't just going to put me in the wall. So I guess I shouldn't have done that."

The stewards decided not to investigate the incident so it has no bearing on a possible suspension for Magnussen, who currently stands at 10 out of a maximum 12 penalty points. "I can't see how this can be my fault. I was squeezed into the wall. He didn't leave room for two cars. There is plenty of room. He would have just needed to go a little bit to the left, which he had nobody on the inside there. So I don't see why he needed to just put me in the wall."