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Magnussen blamed for crash in Monaco with Sergio Perez

Kevin Magnussen under fire again after Monaco crash: 'Need a sixth sense'

26 May at 14:33

Kevin Magnussen was trying to attack Sergio Perez by going up the inside. The two drivers then crashed, leaving the Red Bull Racing car smashed to pieces. Magnussen himself is close to a race ban due to the accumulation of penalty points. Jenson Button and Anthony Davidson heavily criticised the Danish driver.

Magnussen blamed 

Button was left surprised when reviewing the footage. He was shocked that Magnussen didn't decide to back out. 

"You've got to say that both guys probably should have given each other more room. Always the way. Is there a racing incident? It kind of is. When you look at that Checo knew that Kevin was there. Maybe should have given him a little bit more room. But if the car's coming to the right at that point when I'm doing 140 miles an hour, I back out," Button said on Sky Sports.

Davidson then said that the Formula 1 drivers are expected to predict these crashes. "You have to have that sixth sense about you," he said.

Even though Haas were starting from the back of the grid, Davidson believes patience can pay off in Monte Carlo. "You've got to be there at the end of the race because you never know, other people are going to crash and you can gain points from that," Davidson concluded.