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Norris meets Travis Kelce: 'Won't use him for Taylor Swift tickets'

Norris meets Travis Kelce: 'Won't use him for Taylor Swift tickets'

13 May - 16:30

After winning the Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris got to meet Kansas City Chiefs Tight end Travis Kelce in the United States. On Radio 1, the British driver talked about his experience with the partner of Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce is no stranger to Formula One, as together with his Quaterback, Patrick Mahomes, are part of the ownership group of Otro Capital that partially invested in Alpine in 2023. Kelce, together with his partner Taylor Swift, is no stranger to breaking TV audience numbers either, something Norris has also achieved in the United States with his first ever victory in Miami.

Norris managed to meet Kelce in Miami, and referred to him as a "sick guy". "One of my friends introduced me to him, and he was an awesome guy. So, about double my height, so I was looking straight up, but he was a legend. He was very sweet, and yes, we exchanged numbers and hopefully I can get to a game one day." If luck is on his side, Norris could be able to see Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs play away at Las Vegas the weekend the Formula One Grand Prix will take place, as the two teams are in the same division.

Being asked about whether he would now use this contact to get to a Taylor Swift concert, Norris remained a bit more cautios. "Or a Taylor Swift concert. But I'm not just going to use him. I've got to warm up to it a little bit, don't I? And then go, 'oh, and by the way, my sisters, but I need to go with my sisters.'"