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Peter Windsor on sprint qualification in China

F1 analyst: 'Lewis Hamilton hasn't lost his touch'

20 April at 03:35

The sprint shootout in China on Friday provided drama due to the rain. Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor speaks highly of Lewis Hamilton, who was very close to pole position. He is also very surprised at how the FIA handled Lando Norris' deleted lap.

After five years, the Chinese Grand Prix is back on track. This weekend is a sprint weekend, meaning the drivers have only had one free practice to get used to this circuit again. The rain during qualifying for the sprint race therefore caused chaos.

Lewis Hamilton has not yet lost his touch

Lewis Hamilton almost managed to put his Mercedes in pole position. This was while his teammate, George Russell, was left behind in SQ2. Windsor is delighted with the Briton's performance. "Lewis Hamilton, can do it, despite a lot of people saying out there, “has he lost his touch? Lewis Hamilton was driving just as well as he's ever driven throughout his Formula One career, in my opinion."

Lando Norris in the McLaren was just a bit better and managed to secure pole position. Only this was not without controversy. Indeed, his lap time was first removed due to an error by the FIA. "That's not a good look for the sport, and I'm sure there'll be repercussions from this, there'll be further examination of what happened," Windsor said.