FIA cooperates with Andretti despite F1 rejection


FIA helps Andretti Racing to enter Formula 1

Several months ago, it was announced that Andretti's application to participate in Formula 1 from 2026 had been rejected. The US team has since set their sights on participating in 2028 beyond. This still seems to be a possibility, partly due to a collaboration with the FIA.

The US formation opened a new factory at Silverstone on Wednesday. This factory was opened to prepare for participation in Formula 1. In addition, Andretti Racing plans to enter Formula 2 and 3 to give more American drivers a chance.

FIA helps Andretti

The FIA would like to see an 11th team on the grid. It was Formula One Management (FOM) that turned down the application. They added that the door is still open for the American racing team to enter from 2028, when Andretti will have their own F1 power unit.

RACER now understands that the FIA, Formula 1's highest body, is still working with Andretti to actually start making participation possible from 2028. The FIA has helped establish the team's financial and technical capabilities to ensure they are adequate for entry into Formula One.