Coincidence in F1? Unrest at Red Bull Racing and then a DNF!

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andretti Coincidence in F1? Unrest at Red Bull Racing and retirement
25 March at 10:20
  • Ludo van Denderen

The past few months have been very unsettled within Red Bull Racing. In the Australian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen retired with a mechanical failure within just a few laps. Is there a relationship between the two issues? Are there hairline cracks in the Red Bull team, as critics may think? Mario Andretti, the 1978 world champion, does not believe that at all.

Speaking to Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport, the American says it was really "a coincidence". "It is also hard to imagine that a mechanic would have been distracted by this. However, what happened within the team remains a heavy blow for everyone: the internal tension threatens to cause damage. It's a negative thing."

Andretti compliments Ferrari

In any case, Ferrari took full advantage of a down day for Red Bull. In the coming weeks, the question will be: Was this a brief resurgence by the Italians, or is the team of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc now a factor to seriously reckon with? Andretti believes the victory in Melbourne was no accident. "Carlos and Leclec can take on anyone," he said.

So yes, Andretti expects more victories from Ferrari to follow during the season. "Ferrari has moved closer. This team has been good from the start of the season. It will be interesting to follow them for the rest of the year, but at least I see positive signs," concluded the former Formula One world champion.