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Verstappen on FE circuit in Japan: 'That person must have been drunk'

Verstappen on FE circuit in Japan: 'That person must have been drunk'

9 April - 12:30

Japan not only hosted the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend, but a week earlier the country also welcomed Formula E, hosting an ePrix for the first time in the capital city of Tokyo. Max Verstappen was asked about it in the press conference after the race he won at Suzuka.

"What I like about Formula E is that there are quite a lot of good drivers in there," Verstappen began. "You might have raced them in the past or you've seen them around, so the competition is very high. Of course, a couple of my friends are driving in there as well, so I always keep an eye on it. It's not a category I would like to drive in myself in the future."

The 26-year-old Dutchman himself makes no secret of the fact that his preference is long-distance racing after his career in Formula 1. So Verstappen is leaving the electric class aside, but the three-time F1 world champion can still enjoy watching Formula E races.

"It was very cool to see the track in the city but then at the same time there was a proper jump in the track, so i don't even know who signed that off, he must have been drunk," Verstappen laughed. "But yes, it's a bit odd but I think from the driving and like the racing, they have… I always enjoy it because the talent in the series is very high and that's of course what I think also makes it more exciting to watch."

Sergio Perez

Teammate Sergio Perez states he "totally agrees" with Verstappen. "I think it's great to have a series that gives an opportunity to drivers that cannot be in Formula 1 or other series, just to have another series where they can earn their money, live from the passion. I think it's great to have that. I think as a category itself, we have to respect what they're focusing into. And I think they're doing a very good job with the series. So, yes, well done."