Windsor saw Perez convincing: 'If he won, the dynamic would have been different'

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Windsor saw Perez convincing in Japan GP
8 April at 09:04

Peter Windsor thinks Sergio Perez is currently doing whatever it takes to secure his place at Red Bull Racing for 2025. In doing so, the Formula 1 analyst says it is important that the self-styled Mexican does not put too much pressure on himself by thinking he can beat Max Verstappen in the battle for the world title.

Windsor stresses that Red Bull definitely chose the right strategy for the Japanese Grand Prix, while two different strategies were seen behind the top. "But let's not detract from, in any way, Max's win. He also set fastest lap towards the end, just gave him a little bit of overtake when he needed it," the F1 analyst said half laughing.

Windsor: 'Perez needs to stay calm now'

The former Williams team manager saw the Dutchman triumph ahead of teammate Perez, who lost ground to Lando Norris, among others, at both pit stops. "He very quickly regained those positions, looking decisive and fast and quick and confident in the second RB20 and finished second. As I say, very good driver, Sergio Perez as well, on a circuit that is always, well, it's demanding at the least, isn't it? And Sergio looking extremely good there," Windsor concluded.

The eternal debate about who could replace Perez at Red Bull is therefore not applicable at the moment, according to the analyst. "As I keep saying, I think he's doing a really good job as Max's other driver. And yes, if he'd won today, possibly the dynamic would be different and be going into China saying, “oh, I got a chance for the championship again”, as he did last year. But as long as he just stays quiet, he's in very good shape I think for keeping that drive in 2025," Windsor said.