Haas F1 gets more money from Gene Haas on good performance

Haas F1: 'Do we invest money efficiently, get more money from Gene Haas'

4 April at 20:00
Last update 4 April at 20:00

Haas F1 has not started the season badly with four points from three Grands Prix: quite a bit better than last season's start. However, the American team knows it needs updates to keep competing for points. And for those updates, it again depends on team owner Gene Haas.

Gene Haas was accused last winter of not investing enough money in the team to be successful. Speaking to Auto, Motor und Sport, Ayao Komatsu - Guenther Steiner's replacement - responded: "Gene promised me: you could get more money if you prove to me that you use the money you have efficiently. It is now up to us to give him confidence that we are investing his money wisely."

Whereas the number of updates from all F1 teams was not too bad in the first three races, the development battle really started from Japan onwards. Standing still is going backwards. However, the Haas F1 team boss argues that his formation is still the smallest team. "The others will beat us in terms of the number of updates. We must [therefore] try to get more out of our updates."

Fast corners Achilles' heel Haas F1

For Haas F1, the main work for the VF-24 is in the fast corners. In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and also Australia, the team lost a lot of ground there each time. So fast Suzuka is quite a challenge for the team next weekend. "We have come up with some ideas on how to sell ourselves as dearly as possible. It will affect us more in one lap than in the race," Komatsu said.