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After solving one problem, another arises at Mercedes

After solving one problem, another arises at Mercedes

2 April - 18:00


Mercedes are currently fourth in the World Championship and behind customer team McLaren. Aston Martin are also close. Lewis Hamilton explains where the problem is. Despite being aware of the problems, the team are failing to find a solution.

Since changing the technical regulations in 2022, Mercedes have completely missed the mark. The team's problem was the car's bouncing, or porpoising.

Mercedes cannot find balance

Speaking to MotorsportWeek, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton explained that the team had to compensate. In fact, the bouncing of the car was causing many physical complaints among the drivers. To reduce this problem, the team had to reduce the amount of downforce.

The balance between the bouncing of the car and the amount of downforce is a problem that Mercedes has still not solved. "The first race in 2022 or test, we had to take something like 90 points of downforce off the car. So we had downforce but we couldn’t utilise it because the thing was going and bouncing. So we lost a huge amount of performance, and every time we add more or try and add it back then, then the thing would bounce again," Hamilton explained. Losing downforce, in turn, ultimately causes a lot of a loss in speed.