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sebastian vettel on 24 hours of le mans and porsche test

Will Vettel compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans? He responds!

31 March at 11:00
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Sebastian Vettel got behind the wheel again this week. Not of a Formula 1 car, but of a Hypercar from Porsche. The German enjoyed the test and explained his choice to test for Porsche. Is participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the offing for him?

After a successful career, Sebastian Vettel retired at the end of 2022. The reason? He wanted to spend more time with his family. Yet, after a while, the German got the itch again and participated in a test with Porsche. Whether a relaunch of his career is on the horizon, he does not yet know.

"I've been in the car over the last few weeks and up until yesterday preparing because I was simply interested, how an endurance car like this, which is on the road at Le Mans, how it feels to drive. Together with Porsche, I had the opportunity to pursue my curiosity and get a feel for it," the German told RTL's German branch in an interview.

Will Vettel compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

The four-time world champion describes the test as a very nice experience. "The cars are completely different. It was the first time I'd really driven a car with a roof, even after a long time without being behind the wheel. Yes, it was nice. But I don't yet know what will come of it. I'll have to feel my way into it a bit and that will become clear in the near future."

He was also asked whether the Le Mans myth appeals to him. To this, Vettel replied: "Yes, I think that every racing driver is to some extent hooked on it and everyone knows it. It has its own special flavour, its own flair. It was never the big goal or the big dream in the past," The former Red Bull driver says that Mick Schumacher, among others, inspired him to give endurance racing a chance.