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Sainz on quick recovery: 'Grateful for developments in the medical world'

Sainz on quick recovery: 'Grateful for developments in the medical world'

21 March - 19:00

Carlos Sainz had to undergo surgery on his appendix during the Grand Prix weekend in Saudi Arabia. Two weeks later, he got back in the car in Australia. The Spaniard himself explains how this is possible.

One fact that has helped Sainz in his recovery is the fact that he is physically very fit. Formula 1 drivers have to train a lot to cope with the G-forces they face in a race. In the F1 paddock in Melbourne, the 29-year-old Ferrari driver explained that his speedy recovery is also due to developments in the medical world.

How is it possible that Sainz has already recovered from his surgery in Australia?

"When my dad had the operation and maybe some of you guys had it 40 years 30 years ago they cut you open here, nowadays with laparoscopy they do three very little holes that speeds up the recovery. It is twice as fast or three times as fast as what it used to be."

Still, the Australian Grand Prix may come just a little too soon for the Spaniard. "So thanks to that, even the doctors after the operation said it's obviously going to be tight. It's 14 days from the operation day till I jump in the car on Friday, but possible, and then obviously, they don't know what F1 is and the g forces and everything."

Sainz is not fully recovered yet, but he will do his utmost to get the best possible result in Australia. "Will I be at a hundred percent? 100% would mean ten days straight training, I've just been focusing on recovering. Will I be fit to race? The feeling now is yes and then see how I feel tomorrow."