Coulthard saw RB20 tested at Silverstone: 'No surprises'

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Coulthard on RB20 at Silverstone and Ferrari
20 February at 14:30

David Coulthard was present at the testing of the new RB20 at Silverstone, and saw the new Red Bull car on the track for the first time. The Scottish former driver, now more often on television as an analyst, said the RB20 had no surprises on the track at the British Grand Prix.

RB20 at Silverstone with no surprises according to Coulthard

After testing the RB20, Coulthard explained his observations to "It functions as you would expect in those conditions. No surprises," Coulthard said. "I think the technical team were happy with the numbers they were getting in terms of… the things you can get out of that, the cooling and load sensors."

After testing at Silverstone, the RB20 was finally unveiled. The new car in which Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will sit looks a lot like last year's RB19, but those who look closer will see the Mercedes concept in the new car. Test days begin in Bahrain on Wednesday and more will become clear on how each team stands.

Coulthard on Ferrari

Coulthard already looks ahead to the new Formula 1 season, pointing out one of the contenders. "I don’t have a crystal ball, but you’ve got to believe Ferrari had a strong car last year in terms of single-lap pace," he said. "If they’ve managed to improve on whatever it was that was making their race pace difficult then they are a real contender."