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Aston Martin hopeful for 2024: 'We've taken a big step'

Mike Krack: 'We have not left any stone unturned at Aston Martin'

18 February at 08:15

The season is approaching and Aston Martin hope to cleanly redo the fairytale that was 2023. How will they ensure this year's car has learnt from the AMR23? To GPBlog, among others, the team talked about it.

Team principal Mike Krack has not been idle since the end of last season: "I mean, the off-season is becoming shorter and shorter. We have tried to focus on all areas of our predecessor, the AMR23, which had a great season, full of positives last year. But then we have not left any stone unturned. We have really tried to look at every area, be it the car, be it the operations, be it reliability, to make a step forward in all our operations. So it has been very intense over the couple of months since the finish of the season and we hope we have done enough and we will show we will have a strong contender."

Step has already been made

Dan Fallows, technical director of the team even dares to go a step further. "As Mike says, very, very short since the end of the season. But we have managed to make a step on last year's car. And we're very pleased with what we've been able to achieve," Fallows said. He continued: "But really, this is the first step. This season, we want to make sure we've got a good platform for development. And that's what we've been really focusing on. And I think we've managed to achieve that. So, yeah, it's good."