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Stroll takes no more risks: 'I can only run'

Stroll takes no more risks: 'I can only run'

13 February - 11:00

Ludo van Denderen

Exactly a year ago, Lance Stroll saw his F1 season almost completely fall apart. Just before the start of winter testing, the Canadian had a bike accident, which left him with a wrist injury. Miraculously, the Aston Martin driver managed to recover in time for the first Grand Prix of the season, but the after-effects of the injury continued to be felt for some time. At all costs, Stroll wanted to avoid a similar scenario for this season.

With a big smile, Stroll said he has even taken hefty measures to avoid an injury during the winter break. "My apartment's stacked with pillows and I'm not allowed to leave," the Canadian told the media jokingly, including GPblog.

Stroll looks out with his limbs

He goes on to say he has renounced mountain biking. "I'm allowed to go running. Actually, no one told me this, but I think we live and we learn every day. So I'm running. I'm watching my step while I run. No ankle twisting, none of that funny business. Just, you know, running in a straight stride. And just looking after my limbs. Looking after my limbs. And I want to get to Bahrain testing this year. So that's the game plan."

So last season, Stroll had to pass up those test days and reserve driver Felipe Drugovich did his job. At the time, there were doubts whether Stroll would be ready in time to start the F1 season. After a minor operation on the wrist, the Canadian still managed to take part in the opening race.