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Aston Martin present the new car: this is the AMR24!

Aston Martin present the new car: this is the AMR24!

12 February - 08:01

Ludo van Denderen

Fernando Alonso was on the podium eight times in 2023. In the first half of the season in particular, Aston Martin were a team to be seriously reckoned with. With the competition managing to develop their cars faster and better, the British team eventually dropped to fifth place in the constructors' standings. Nevertheless, Aston Martin could look back on a great year, which should continue in 2024 with the AMR24.

The first of the teams to structurally compete for podium spots, Aston Martin, on Monday morning, presented the car with which Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso will compete in 2024. "We've made changes all over the car," technical director Dan Fallows responded to GPblog and others. "It's very different in many ways. The majority of the parts have changed on it. But it is really still essentially a strong evolution of last year's car. So we have built on the end of AMR23."

Aston Martin won't reveal everything

According to Fallows, two things stand out: the nose and the rear wing. "Bodywork will be different but there's also obviously quite a lot of stuff under the hood. We will obviously try and keep some of that under wraps. The front suspension layout is a similar layout to what we had on the AMR23, so still a push rod.

Aston Martin buys several parts from Mercedes: "We've inherited new suspension from Mercedes; they obviously give us the gearbox and the structure of the rear suspension, so that has changed slightly from last year as well. So there's a there's a change on the rear but the front is very similar," Fallows said.