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More rumours about Audi in Formula 1: This is the reaction

15 January at 14:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

An important decision reportedly awaits Audi in the near future: who will drive for the German team in Formula 1 from 2026? Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg are frequently mentioned names. Audi making their entrance in Formula 1 is definitely going to happen in 2026. This is also evident from other steps the manufacturer seems to be taking.

For instance, it looks like Audi will stop cross-country racing after the current season, with the Dakar rally being the most appealing. Currently, Carlos Sainz senior, drives for Audi in Dakar, but he seems to have to look for a new employer. This is because Audi wants to focus entirely on Formula 1, and Dakar no longer fits in with that.

Porsche gone, all the money to Audi?

Last weekend, there were also whispers in Mexico - where Formula E had gathered for the season's opening race - that Porsche might pull out of the electric class if they don't win a championship in 2024. In that case, the money currently spent on Porsche's adventure would be transferred to Audi by owner Volkswagen.

Team boss Florian Modlinger of the Porsche Formula E team responded to that rumour in Mexico City. "I can only speak for Formula E. I think Porsche showed commitment in Formula E. Our target is always to fight for championships and for wins. We had a very good season last year. Sporting success is very important for Porsche. And therefore, we are here."

Talking about the strategy of the Volkswagen Group, which own both Porsche and Audi, Modlinger said: "When you see how much electromobility goes on with the road cars and how important electromobility is, Formula E is the pinnacle of electric racing. That's strategically why Porsche decided to be in this. On the other topic, I cannot say anything. I'm responsible for the Formula E programme. I'm happy here, and we are happy to show our performance in the series."