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Tom Kristensen clear on sergio perez

This former driver tips old Red Bull acquaintance as Verstappen's teammate!

22 December at 13:30

For a long time it was a matter of weighing things up for Sergio Perez. Should he keep his seat in 2023 or would he be replaced during the season? We now know that Perez finished the season and finished second in the constructors' championship. In the Viaplay programme F1 talks, 9-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen speculates on who might replace the Mexican.

Asked by David Coulthard whether Kristensen would keep Sergio Perez on board, the Dane is quite clear: "In a free world, no. Psychologically, he has not had a good time. He has obviously struggled and worked hard, but he lacks self-confidence. At times it seemed to me that he would be relieved to leave."

Intended replacement for Perez

According to the former driver, the Mexican has struggled against Verstappen in 2023: "At the end of the season, things went a bit better. But when Max beat him in Miami, he didn't come anywhere near him otherwise." So who should become Max Verstappen's teammate? According to Kristensen, it is time to put an old acquaintance at the helm: "Maybe I would let Daniel Ricciardo give it another try. Or Lando Norris or Piastri. Steal one from the others. In an ideal world."