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2024 Formula 3 calendar in full

Full calendar: At which Grands Prix will Formula 3 visit in 2024?

14 December at 12:30

The 2024 Formula 3 season will feature 10 rounds, and the series will travel to Australia again alongside F2 and F1. The junior drivers will end their season in September at the Italian Grand Prix weekend. 

When does the 2024 Formula 3 season start?

The Formula 3 season will start at the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. This takes place between February 29 and March 2. There is a change to the weekend format because of Ramadan. The annual fasting period for Muslims in 2024 starts on Sunday, March 10, as soon as the sun sets. Therefore, the organisers of F1 have chosen it to ensure that Saudi Arabia's Grand Prix weekend (the second GP) ends as early as Saturday. Saudi Arabia is, after all, an Islamic country.

Consequences for Bahrain are in place. The fact that the weekend at the Jeddah Corniche ends on Saturday means that the first two free practice sessions will already take place on Thursday. This also directly impacts the opening weekend in Bahrain, which is scheduled a week earlier than Saudi Arabia.

Teams always arrive at the circuit on Wednesday at the earliest, on a typical race weekend. But because the free practice sessions in Jeddah are already on Thursday, all teams will need/want to be there on Tuesday. That is logistically unfeasible if there is still racing in Bahrain on Sunday. So, the race there will also be on Saturday, allowing more time to move the whole circus to Saudi Arabia. F1 and F2 will both move to Saudia Arabia. However, F3 will not visit Jeddah in 2024.

The rest of the Formula 3 season

Instead, F3's second race in 2024 is in Australia. Between 22 and 24 March, F3 will race down under. Their season then takes a little break before an event in Imola during the middle of May. A week later, F3 will head to Monaco. F3 will also participate in the triple header a month later, including Spain, Austria and Britain. All three Formulas will be at all three of the Grands Prix.

Rounds 8 and 9 occur just before Formula 1's summer break. Between 19 and 21 July, F3 will be in Hungary. A week later, they will travel to Belgium. The F3 season finale then takes place in Monza at the Italian Grand Prix weekend. This is between August 30 and September 1. This means F3 will not have any isolated weekends away from F2. Formula 2 has four more rounds. The full Formula 2 calendar can be found here.

All F3 weekends form part of the support series for F1. However, F3 doesn't travel to the United States for F1's three visits. F3 will also miss the Saudia Arabia, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, Dutch, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Mexican, Brazilian, Qatar and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekends.