Causer of red flag to get a penalty, is this a good idea in F1?

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New red flag rules in Formula 2 and Formula 3
10 December at 10:00
  • Toby McLuskie

From next season onwards, a new interesting rule will be added in Formula 2 and Formula 3. When a driver disrupts the session with a red flag, that driver can no longer take part in the session and his fastest time may even be deleted. If the rule is successful, it could be implemented in Formula 1 as well.

We have seen it many times before when a driver's crash prevents a session from resuming. In qualifying, for example. This also often resulted in pole position for the driver who caused the red flag. This often caused frustration among other teams and other drivers.

So now article 33.5 of the sporting regulations of F1's supporting series will state that the person causing a red flag can be punished. An interesting word here is can. The FIA deliberately chose this wording to leave room for the stewards to determine whether the penalty is actually handed out. Thus, an exception can be made in exceptional cases or in the event of an accident.

Experiment for F1

This experiment in Formula 2 and Formula 3 can be seen as a test for Formula 1. Should it be a success, it cannot be ruled out that these rules will also apply in Formula 1 within a few years. The rules are not new within motorsport. In fact, in the American IndyCar, they are even stricter. There, a driver is no longer allowed to participate in the session and his two fastest laps are taken away.