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F1 teams with statement to FIA and Wolff also Red Bull

F1 teams back Wolff and Mercedes, including Red Bull Racing!

6 December at 18:44

Rumours circulated that Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff had allegedly passed confidential information to each other. The FIA took note of the rumours and came out with a statement saying that the matter would be investigated. Teams now reveal in a statement that they have not passed on anything about any leaked information.

The wife of Mercedes team boss Toto, already indicated that she felt very offended after hearing the rumours. It was recently revealed that the Austrian team boss had accidentally spoken out at an F1 meeting. All Formula 1 teams appeased, as they, all nine of them, came out with a statement. So did Red Bull Racing.

The statement from the Austrian racing stable reads as follows. "We can confirm that we have not made any complaint to the FIA regarding the allegation of information of a confidential nature being past between an F1 principal and a member of FOM staff. We are pleased and proud to support F1 academy and its managing director Through our commitment to sponsor an entrant in our liveries for next season."

F1 teams speak out in Wolff case