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Lewis Hamilton gloomy and already sees the storm brewing for new car

Hamilton already sees storm ahead of 2024: 'That's a concern'

26 November at 16:50

Lewis Hamilton has had a difficult season despite finishing third in the drivers' championship. The W14 of just did not go to Hamilton's great dissatisfaction. To Sky Sports' cameras, he came across as very disappointed with his season.

Once asked what he is taking with him after this season, the seven-time world champion had this to say: "Not too much, really. It's not been a great year in general. There's not a lot to take from the year in general. It's the fact that I survived it. Probably that's about it."

Faith in new Mercedes

Whether Hamilton has faith in next season's new car? He is not sure yet: "At this moment, I don't really know. For Red Bull to win by 17 seconds in the end, and they haven't even developed their car since August. That's definitely a concern. We've learned a lot about the car. It's just down to the team now. They know what they need to do. Whether or not we'll get there, we'll see."