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Verstappen clear on FIA: 'Looking for solution'

Verstappen clear on FIA: 'Looking for solution'

25-11-2023 20:10

The FIA introduced a new rule during this weekend's race weekend. Cars are no longer allowed to overtake each other at the end of the pit lane. This after Max Verstappen made good use of this during FP2. During the press conference, Verstappen gave his opinion on the rule.

''Us drivers agreed to that in the briefing, to have that. Otherwise, I think you would have seen again what happened yesterday. But at the moment, nothing is perfect yet. So we have to come up with a better solution. But we'll keep on thinking what that is,'' Verstappen said in the press conference. This all came up because at the drivers' briefing on Friday, there were a lot of complaints about Verstappen's driving behaviour. Overtaking on exiting the pit lane is now only allowed if a car has a clear technical problem, the FIA clarified.

Verstappen on pole for twelfth time

It is the twelfth time this season that Verstappen has been on pole position. With 12 times on pole in a season, he is equal to Lewis Hamilton in 2016. Verstappen will have to push hard if he wants to break the record next year. In 2011, Sebastian Vettel managed to start from first place 15 times.