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Horner spoke about Hamilton switch: 'Had contact this year'

Horner spoke about Hamilton switch: 'Had contact this year'

23-11-2023 08:19

Can you imagine it: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton competing for the world championship in the same car? The extraordinary thing is, someone from Hamilton's camp saw fit to do so. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner told the Daily Mail that someone contacted him earlier this year about a possible seat for the seven-time world champion at the Austrian team.

In 2021, tensions were still running high between Verstappen and Hamilton, who were then in contention for the championship. After that season, Mercedes failed to challenge Red Bull for the world title, and with an eye on another record-breaking eighth championship, Hamilton would have been open to pursuing his career elsewhere.

Horner was in touch about a possible switch for Hamilton

At first, the rumours were mainly about a switch to Ferrari, but Horner says Red Bull has also been approached: "We have had several conversations over the years about Lewis joining. They have reached out a few times. Most recently, earlier in the year, there was an inquiry about whether there would be any interest."

'Hamilton also had contact with Ferrari'

Horner also confirms rumours about the contact there was between Hamilton's camp and Ferrari: "He met John Elkann (Ferrari chairman), too. I think there were serious talks. It was around Monaco (in May). There were definitely conversations, perhaps with Vasseur, too. But certainly with Elkann," he added.

It would be something if Hamilton and Verstappen drove together at Red Bull. However, that is not in the cards, according to Horner: "But I can't see Max and Lewis working out together. The dynamic wouldn't be right. We are 100 per cent happy with what we have."