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FIA issue statement: 'This will take some time'

FIA issue statement: 'This will take some time'

17-11-2023 05:27

For months the Las Vegas Grand Prix had been hyped by Formula 1, but after only 10 minutes in the first free practice session, the party was over (for now): A loose manhole cover caused major damage to the cars of Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and Esteban Ocon (Alpine).

The FIA has come out with a statement on the course of events: "Following inspection, it was the concrete frame around a manhole cover that has failed. We now need to check all of the other manhole covers, which will take some time - we will be discussing with the local circuit engineering team about the length of time it will take to resolve and will update with any resultant changes to the schedule," the FIA said.

Possibly longer second free practice?

The second free practice session is officially scheduled for 9:00am CET/8:00am UK time. Whether Formula 1 and the FIA are considering extending this session is unknown. After all, this is a completely new circuit for the drivers and teams, and every minute on track is needed.