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Alonso sees potential benefit of cold temperatures

Alonso sees potential benefit of cold temperatures

16-11-2023 18:31

While some are worried about the extreme way Formula 1 will be presented in Las Vegas this weekend, others are concerned about the low temperatures that will be driven in this weekend. Fernando Alonso prefers to wait and see before passing judgement.

The hype surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix is huge. A night race across the city's world-famous strip: who would have thought it. When the first weather reports came in for the race weekend, many people felt that Formula 1 had overlooked an important point: temperatures. There was already much speculation that the Las Vegas Grand Prix would possibly be the coldest Grand Prix ever.

Cold temperatures

With the latest weather reports, the chances of this happening seem slim, but temperatures are still important to watch for Formula 1 teams and drivers. However, Fernando Alonso does not yet want to judge the potentially extremely cold temperatures [by Formula 1 standards]: "I think we have to run first and then see how the car and the tyres behave. I think it could be that the tyres lose a little bit of temperature with this long straight."

Alonso continued: "We've been facing a little bit of tyre overheating on the last three events. And maybe here it’s a little bit the opposite. So, maybe some cars that they're struggling on long run pace, here they are good because they can keep the tyres in the window and things like that. So, I think tomorrow we will have some answers."