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Norris unsure about McLaren's strengths: 'Always wrong with predictions'

Norris unsure about McLaren's strengths: 'Always wrong with predictions'

16-11-2023 05:58

Lando Norris earned his seventh podium in Brazil two weeks ago, and finished in a comfortably P2 behind Max Verstappen. Similarly to what he said ahead of the weekend at Interlagos, the Briton does not expect to be close to Red Bull.

"I'm always wrong, whatever I say. I think I'm extremely pleased with how we've done the last few weeks, especially Mexico and Brazil were a big chunk better than we were expecting. Especially Brazil, to be so far ahead of the majority and close to the Red Bull through a lot of the race was definitely not something we were expecting," Norris said in Las Vegas.

"This will remind you a little bit more of Baku and Monza-type races, which weren't our best and definitely towards the weaker side. The long straights and low downforce is not where our priority has been this season with developments and all of those things because there are so few races like it," the Briton added on McLaren’s chances this weekend.

About driving on a new track, he said: "I guess it feels a little bit different. Just a night race and a lot of glamour and all of this stuff. But inside, it's just another race weekend. Concentrated and focused for the weekend ahead. Opportunities for everyone because it's so different, and a lot of question marks for everyone."

Battle for P4 in the Championship

With McLaren’s resurgence in the second half of the season, Norris has been on the rise in the standings as well, and with two races to go, he has the chance to finish fourth this season.

"Depends how they [Fernando Alonso and Astonn Martin] do. It's not something I think of,  just trying to go out and beat one driver. You just go out and do the best job you can and get the most points you can. So simple as that in my eyes. But if we can race against each other, I think it'll be something fun, something enjoyable," he said.

Norris is, at the moment, three points behind Alonso in the drivers’ standings with two races remaining in the 2023 season.