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Andretti releases after F1 news: 'Sport in flux'

Andretti releases after F1 news: 'Sport in flux'

14-11-2023 19:50
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Toby McLuskie

It has not escaped anyone's notice that Formula 1 has gained a new engine supplier. Indeed, Cadillac has signed up as a supplier to F1. Self-designed power units from General Motors will initially only go to Andretti. Andretti is the new team that might enter Formula 1. Michael Andretti himself? Who, of course, sees that.

Andretti enthusiastic

"The GM PU will be a strong addition to Formula 1," Andretti opens on X, which was previously listed as Twitter. "We are proud the Andretti Cadillac partnership will make this possible. Our commitment to excellence will not be taken lightly as we continue planning to enter F1 as soon as possible and, in 2028, Andretti Cadillac will compete as a true American factory team," said the 61-year-old American former driver.

Finally, Andretti makes a promise at the end of his message. "This historic partnership will accelerate the sport both in the fast-growing US market and globally," the American concludes. Ben Sulayem also reacted earlier to the news which spread rapidly in the Formula 1 world.