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Jack Doohan quits F2: ''There's not much to gain

Jack Doohan quits F2: ''There's not much to gain"

02-11-2023 10:50

Jack Doohan will not return to Formula 2 in 2024. The Australian driver will concentrate fully on his reserve role with the Alpine F1 Team and has his sights set on a Formula 1 career, although nothing is certain yet for the current number four in the F2 standings.

Doohan admits that his two seasons in the racing class have not quite gone according to plan. "I'm sure everyone can say that, it never really does. But through that and through the bad moments, the highs with what's been in my control, I think I've done well and being able to show my capabilities," Doohan told Autosport.com. He continued: "Doing another year in F2, if you win it, you’re expected [to], if you don't, you may as well... There's not much to gain."

Trip to WEC

Although the 20-year-old's goal is F1, a step sideways to, say, WEC is not off the cards. "Currently, I've got no direction of the World Endurance Championship or anything confirmed. So F1 is still in my sights."

Doohan continued: "What we're really targeting, even if I was to venture out to WEC, the plan would be to come back to F1 in 2025. The team are happy with the work that we're doing, and the trajectory that we're going for."