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Why Michael Schumacher's condition remains unclear to all fans

Why Michael Schumacher's condition remains unclear to all fans

02-11-2023 08:28

Since Michael Schumacher's skiing accident in 2013, news about the seven-time world champion's condition has come out only sparsely. Speaking to LTO, Felix Damm explains why this has remained the case.

Ten years ago, Schumacher had a skiing accident in Meribel, France. Schumacher suffered serious head injuries and has since undergone several operations. After those surgeries, little information about his health condition was released. Almost a decade after the accident, the lawyer for the Schumacher family explains why.

"It was always about protecting private life. Of course, we talked about how we could do this. We also considered publishing a final report on Michael's health. However, that would not have been the final one because then people would have wanted updates again anyway," said Damm.

Schumacher not in the media

"Those concerned cannot control the media. The media can pick up the report again and ask again how things stand now, a few months after the report." Damm fully understands that fans of Schumacher would like to know more, but also names the downside.

"Of course, but I also believe that the majority of fans can live with it (that little information is coming out) and also respect that the accident has triggered a number of issues where personal protection is necessary and will also be constantly monitored," Damm concluded.

Nevertheless, some reports have come out over time. Often from people who are still close to Schumacher and told their stories in the media. Jean Todt, for example, already said that he regularly visits Schumacher. However, Damm cannot influence that.