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FIA: 'We don't say you have to pay a million, avoid the mistake'

FIA: 'We don't say you have to pay a million, avoid the mistake'

01-11-2023 13:40

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem feels compelled to explain the increase in the maximum penalty amount for Formula 1. The FIA World Motor Sport Council decided earlier this month to quadruple the maximum amount.

'Same fine system since Jurassic Park'

The stewards could previously impose a maximum fine of €250,000. Now it will be €1 million. In Formula 1, that means quadrupling the maximum fine amount. In other classes, the maximum cash penalty will also be significantly increased, but in no discipline is the maximum amount as high as in F1.

With the release of the FIA's decision earlier this month, it was already mentioned that the initial amount is no longer in line with the current needs of motorsport. The rules regarding penalty amounts have not been updated in 12 years. To Speedcafe.com and others, Ben Sulayem explained: "The teams are now talking about billions in terms of what each team is worth, and we’ve still not improved our regulations dating back to Jurassic Park."

Ben Sulayem continued: "We are not saying ‘go and pay’. We are saying, ‘Don’t make these unnecessary penalties’. If you don’t do it, you won’t get it. Nobody will impose something on you if you follow the rules."