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Alfa Romeo more than open to Perez coming: 'One of the top drivers'

Alfa Romeo more than open to Perez coming: 'One of the top drivers'

29-10-2023 07:00

Niels Lagemaat

Sergio Perez has now been driving for the Red Bull Racing team for almost three years and still has a contract until the end of 2024. Should the Mexican wish to continue in Formula 1 after that, Alfa Romeo (soon to be Sauber) has already left the door ajar.

Perez struggles in 2023

The 2023 season is not going as hoped for Perez. After the first four races, the Mexican was on two wins like teammate Max Verstappen, but in the 14 races after that, the Red Bull Racing driver failed to record a single win. Perez's poorer performance this season seems to put pressure on his place at Red Bull, but for now, Perez still has a contract. Alfa Romeo does see a move for Perez after his Red Bull contract expires.

Alfa Romeo opens door for Perez

Swiss-based team boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi praises the Mexican driver. "He is one of the top drivers. He is an option and if it were up to me I would bring him tomorrow (to the team). He's strong, he's elite and he's an option, but we shouldn't rule anyone out," the team boss told Mexican Ré

Alfa Romeo will not have a spot next year, however, as Guanyu Zhou recently signed on for 2024. Valtteri Bottas is even fixed until 2025 at the Swiss racing stable. So, should Perez not drive for Red Bull next year after all, Alfa Romeo does not seem to be an option. The Mexican competed for the Swiss team before, that was in the 2011 and 2012 F1 seasons.