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Stroll claims to still like F1 COTA US Grand Prix 2023

Stroll claims to still like F1, but his attitude says otherwise

19 October at 20:20

Slumped on the sofa, Lance Stroll appeared at the FIA press conference before the US Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver does not seem to have learnt much from his behaviour in Qatar and the reprimand he received for it, as he seems more disinterested than ever.

A disinterested Stroll

During the GP weekend in Qatar, Stroll was in the news quite negatively. After a ruined qualifying session, he threw his steering wheel out of the car and gave his physio a hefty shove, an action the 24-year-old Canadian also showed no remorse for in his interviews afterwards. His behaviour landed Stroll an official warning and he had to apologise to the FIA.

A week later, however, Stroll seems to have put that far behind him. During the press conference, he barely answered questions and seemed to want to be anywhere rather than where he was at the time. Asked whether the incident with his physio has been cleared up and whether he still enjoys F1, the driver minces as few words as possible.

"Yes and yes," Stroll replied, already putting his microphone aside. When asked if he has anything to add, a gruff 'no' follows. The forced smile disappears from his face as quickly as it appeared and no more answers follow from the Aston Martin driver.