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Villeneuve: 'Red Bull is not unbeatable, Verstappen is the unbeatable one'

Villeneuve: 'Red Bull is not unbeatable, Verstappen is the unbeatable one'

14-10-2023 10:37 Last update: 14:10

In the aftermath of Max Verstappen's third world title, Jacques Villeneuve discusses the Dutchman's greatest strength. Moreover, he stresses that it is not Red Bull Racing that will be unbeatable in the 2023 Formula 1 season but that it is the driver who makes the difference.

Speaking to Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport, Villeneuve named several drivers who, in his eyes, stand out positively on the current F1 grid. "I like Sainz because he is always improving and has always helped the teams he drives for. However, drivers are too protected these days. They should be given more freedom, even to make mistakes," the 52-year-old Canadian stated.

Villeneuve additionally touts what makes the difference between some drivers. "I admire Fernando Alonso because he is hungry. That is the difference that makes a great driver. To all the guys who want to be drivers today, I would ask: do you do it out of passion or because you want to be Ricciardo, laughing in the commercials?"

Villeneuve on Verstappen's strengths

Many talk about Red Bull's dominant F1 season, but Villeneuve says that needs some nuance. "It is wrong to say that Red Bull is unbeatable. The unbeatable one is Verstappen. His strength? He has never been a child. He was already an adult when he was a child. He was made to be a champion. His father was very hard on him. The truth is that Verstappen has no weakness today," said the 1997 world champion.